Friday, March 26, 2021

Purple Ice Ice Baby

I love getting Cutch cards from his Pirates playing days.  Prime Cutch is the best!!!

It's why I made it one of my goals this year to add 50 new Cutch cards to the collection from 2005-2017.  

I am keeping pace with adding roughly 1 new Cutch card to the collection from that era and it has been an absolute blast getting some of these rarer cards. 
Case in point is the exhibit above. 
2014 Bowman Purple Ice.  
For being a "paper" Bowman card, this card pops and shines almost like a chrome card.
The purple ice parallels were limited to only 10 copies.  Odds for pulling one of these aren't available, but they were hobby pack exclusives. 


  1. Very cool Cutch card! I love those Purple Ice parallels. I have a Trevor Williams from 2013.

  2. #'d to 10? Gotta imagine those are very, very, very tough odds. Congratulations on adding this purple parallel to your colllection.

  3. The cracked ice have always looked really nice, especially with some color. Nice pickup.

  4. congrats on the add. looks like you'll have no problem getting your 50 this year.