Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Murphys, Bailey's, and Guiness

There are three drinks that come to mind when I think of Irish beer: Murphy's, Baileys, and Guiness.

Let's run through that list and see if there are any McCutchen references hidden in my collection.

When I think of Murphy and baseball, I immediately think of Dale Murphy.

Being a supercollector I have come across many other player collectors over the years.  While many have bigger collections of certain players, no other collector has more artistic talent than Daniel Jacob Horine and his popflypopshop 

Daniel is a big time Dale Murphy collector and recently released another limited Dale Murphy art print based on the reverse negative Upper Deck card.
I've talked about his work in the past and tried to get you all on board for his extremely affordable and limited prints back when I was doing my Cobra Kai week and discussing the Dave Parker print he did.  He currently has a fantastic Billy Ripken "F face" print available. 
He has also done a limited gold sticker print run (only 50) of the Andrew McCutchen 2 cups swag image.  You can revisit my post about this here.

I also think of Dropkick Murphy, a Boston band, that requested former Red Sox closer not to use their song, Shipping up to Boston, when Jonathan Papelbon left Boston to join the Philadelphia Phillies for the 2012 season. 

In 4 career plate appearances, Cutch went 0 for 3 with a walk versus Papelbon.

I don't have any Cutch related items, but Papelbon's 2014 Bowman card is taken from a game that he got Andrew McCutchen to pop out to the catcher and eventually recorded the save when he got Pedro Alvarez to strike out looking.
No for the best option of the Irish drinks: Baileys
The 2009 AL Rookie of Year, Andrew Bailey faced Andrew McCutchen only one time in his career and Cutch went 0 for 1.

Homer Bailey
Because of the rivalry between the Reds and Pirates, Cutch has faced Homer Bailey more than just a small sample size.  

Bailey does have the rare feat of throwing a no hitter against the Pirates.  It occurred on September 28th, 2012.  The only base runner that was Bailey's doing was a walk to Andrew McCutchen.

In 54 at bats, Cutch managed to get 16 hits while also piling on 11 walks.  While not getting many extra base hits, Cutch was still able to get on base at a .424 clip versus the Christian Bale doppelganger
While on base, Cutch also swiped four bags. 

Well I got nothing, but think if there was a category for Guiness record for most Andrew McCutchen items, I might be in the discussion for holding that record.


  1. One day I may try a Guinness...I dislike beer very much.

    Good Job. ,

  2. I do love a good Guinness. I'm completely smitten with Baileys. I haven't had Murphy's in a long time, if ever. Might try to remedy that by tomorrow!

  3. My old dog was named Guinness.

    That Cutch sticker would be a cool coaster.

  4. My first principal loved serving Black and Tans at his holiday parties and as a newer teacher, I sucked it up and pretended that I loved them.