Wednesday, June 29, 2022


I've talked on here about not purchasing many cards over the past year (at least in comparison to previous years) because of moving.  Now that things have settled down I finally requested shipment for my COMC inventory over the past two years.

Of course as soon as I submitted my order for shipping, the next day a /10 clear acetate League Leaders popped up.

2015 Topps - [Base] - Clear #127 - League Leaders - Justin Morneau, Josh Harrison, Andrew McCutchen /10 - Courtesy of
2015 Topps - [Base] - Clear #127 - League Leaders - Justin Morneau, Josh Harrison, Andrew McCutchen /10

I wish I could have gotten this in hand with my recent order, but considering how far back my COMC order is in the waiting line, I'm hesitant to tempt fate and email them to ask if they can add this to my order. 


I find it hard to believe that they'll have my order ready in a month with that que level.

For those of you that have purchased from COMC in recent months have you seen hundreds of thousands orders ahead of you? 

Have you ever asked COMC to add cards to an existing order?


  1. I rarely use COMC, if ever. I should probably be better about it, I just don't love the site. I should probably check more often for new Tinos. Hope you get your card soon!

  2. Wow! I have never used them but how do you get so far behind???

  3. That's nothing compared to what it was a couple of years ago. There were more people ahead of me at the time of both of my last two requests, and they shipped by their estimated date in both instances. Unless something major happens, they should have no trouble getting your stuff by the 18th.

  4. A long, long time ago, I requested one card be added to my shipment. They were really good about it. Given the surge in business and the hiccups they've been experiencing, I wouldn't expect the same level of customer care that I received back then.

    I agree with Jon, though. I've never had a package ship late, and even with the huge numbers I've seen ahead of me, my shipments almost always came before the estimated date.