Saturday, June 25, 2022

Who WOOD believe this?

The Topps Allen & Ginter wood parallels 1/1 have long been some of the most sought after e on the after market.  

They are incredibly difficult to obtain as they are only made available inside a rip card.  Rip cards for those that don't know are cards featuring 1 to 2 different athletes/personalities that can be ripped to find bonus cards 3inside. The problem with this is that so many uj collectors and player collectors don't rip their rip cards because they want to keepg the wood parallels legacy, the 2018 batch went missing except the extended numbers.  G

I remember having an opportunity to buy the wood extended Cutch SP from 2018 A&G on release day and balked at the $150 price tag associated with i.  t.  This was before it was revealed that all other wood minis never made it into production.

I am forever kicking myself for not acquiring that card.

I have managed to get the 2015, 2016, and 2017 wood minis in my collection and have had several conversations over the years with the owner of the 2010.  
For now though it looks like these 3 will be the only ones in my collection. 
What cards do you regret not getting before knowing how rare they were?


  1. In 1978 I wanted a '69 Topps Mantle, but the price of $18 was too much for me. Minimum wage wasn't even $2 / hour. UGH.

  2. I regret passing on the Trout rookie for 20.00, as well as the Kershaw and Ichiro rookies for 10.00