Thursday, June 16, 2022

#Shelfies Pt1

I know everyone was excited to see the Cutch Cave completed and it is almost there.  I need to get something to display the bats and have a few more posters to hang up on the walls eventually.  I'm also trying to decide if I want to run the artificial grass through the entire room or leave a part with just the concrete flooring. 
I thought it might be fun to make a series of posts showing off some portions of the Cutch Cave.  

When I was designing the room I knew I wanted to get five Detolfs from Ikea to display memorabilia, collectibles, and cards.  If you are unfamiliar with the Detolfs, they are slim all glass cabinets with 4 shelves.  They are incredibly easy to build and when you line a few up in a row, it gives it a museum type quality.  I decided to break the room up a little bit and put no more than 2 of the detolfs side by side. I took 2 Detolfs and put them in the center of the room next to where my recliner is to watch TV.  To prevent the slightest bit of light that enters the room I chose to have an outside wall banner flag hanging on the opposite side of these two center of room displays. 

Here is a look at one of the shelves. 
This particular detolf shelf is the top shelf next to my recliner.  
On this shelf are a bunch of "gift shop" type items.  

There is a mystery MLB Oyo package that features Cutch as a possible player inside.  In front of that are the standard and Jersey variant Teeny Mates (another blind package MLB toy item produced in the mid 2010s)
Beneath that is a Stadium Giveaway Bobblehead package from 2013 recognizing Cutch's 2012 Silver Slugger and Gold Glove accomplishments.  

In front of that is a Jersey variant Oyo figure and MLB superstar Oyo checklist.

To the right of those Oyo (Lego style figures) and bobblehead box are a collection of the Topps (Poker) Chipz
Whenever I get to add one of these for under $2 I add it to the collection.  

There are a pair of Wristbandz featuring Cutch's name, number, and silhoute image of him making a diving catch in the outfield. 

Behind that is a very unique item that doesn't pop up too often these days and one that I would love to open and play a game with some friends.  They are stylized wiffleballs for the Backyard Sports game.  
There's an N-43 Allen & Ginter card above that along with another Oyo figure in box (road jersey variant).  

To finish off that picture theres an Andrew McCutchen tumbler to keep your beer ice cold or your coffee burning hot.  Whatever you fancy in a cup.

There's also a pair of Mrs T Pierogies stadium giveaways commemorating Cutch's 2013 MVP season. 
To finish off everything on this shelf is a lanyard with McCutchen 22 on it and a pair of Backyard Sports Mojo Bands.  These were gifted to me a few years ago as part of a Secret Santa from Rod of Padrographs fame.  The really awesome thing is the Miguel Cabrera one has the error of having Andrew McCutchen's name on the card. 

Here is one more look at this shelf.
If there's enough interest in these kinds of posts I will show off the other 19 shelves among my 5 Detolfs. 

Do you use Ikea furniture to help display your collectibles? 

How often do you reorganize a display to give it a fresh look? 


  1. That looks amazing so far! Those Ikea shelves are a great way to display your collection!

  2. Never been in an Ikea, never even seen one. I'm a do it and done kind of guy, ie: my recliner is sitting exactly where I put it after the house was built. As for displays, I don't have any. Once I am back home permanently I will be having book shelves built for my binders and I'm sure I'll place some odds & ends on top.

  3. Looks cool. Can't say I've bought anything ikea. I don't think I'll ever get to that level of card room design, but I like mine just fine.

  4. You have so much cool stuff. Love the variety. I hadn't given much thought to OYO figures lately, but I really enjoyed collecting them several years ago.

    I don't reorganize my displays very often, but I just reorganized two shelves dedicated to my Star Wars collection yesterday. Actually... I was dusting and downsizing (3 shelves to 2). My goal is to dust and reorganize the rest of my office shelves today.

    Although I don't have any displays from Ikea, I do use several of their TV stands in my office to house monster boxes and super shoe boxes. I like the simplicity of the design and they're sturdy enough hold the weight of cards.

    As for these posts, I sure hope you keep them coming.

  5. Great post, I wanna see the rest of the shelves! Haven't heard of those Ikea shelves, they look great...maybe one day...