Thursday, June 30, 2022

WOOD you believe I forgot a 1/1?

A few days ago I showed off my wood minis of Cutch from 2015, 2016, and 2017.  

I forgot to show off my 2019 though.
This is my only non Pirates wood mini
The 2018 A&G wood minis never surfaced except for a few of the "extended" sp set.  Cutch was included in that set and I was negotiating to get it shortly after the release day, but when it was revealed none of the base set wood minis made their way into the set, the seller pulled the item and I have never seen it again. 

Do you collect cards of your favorite players in other uniforms besides your favorite teams?


  1. I've got some of Justin Verlander w/ Astros, and I'll get Matt Boyd cards of him as a SF Giant.

  2. Yes, my binders of major Mets stars (Seaver, Piazza, Carter, Pedro, Céspedes, and so on) have any of their cards regardless of the team shown.

  3. Yup. Although I do have certain limits. A good example is when I was buying Rickey Henderson autographs. I never hunted for any depicting him in non-A's uniforms. Figured if I was gonna spend my hard earned money... I wanted to get him representing my favorite team. On the other hand, I'll pick up his base cards with him with any of the other teams if the price is right.

  4. Yes, I collect Tino in Mariners, Cardinals, and Rays. It's not as fun, but I do it.