Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Pop Star?

A Youtube Channel I watch (Baseball Card Collector Investor Dealer) published a video a few months ago discussing the top rookie cards from 2000-2009.  Autograph cards were not included, it was strictly based on base cards from Topps Flagship releases (S1, S2, Updates).

You can view the video here

Andrew McCutchen sits 14th on the list and he discussed the very low Gem 10 PSA pop count for Cutch.  

Here's a snapshot from the video
As you can see Cutch's PSA 10 pop count is very very low compared to more modern guys like Vlad Jr, Tatis, Acuna, etc.

I currently have 2 of the 72.
I remember picking these up prepandemic for about $40ea. 

If Cutch gets to around 2,200 career hits I think he will have a serious shot at HOF considering the era that he played in.  

Even if he doesn't get to be in the HOF, I'm still happy to have these two rare cards in this high of grades.

In addition to these two graded copies, I also have 52 raw copies. 

Do you have graded cards in your collection?


  1. I have a couple graded cards. Never anything I have sought out...just have arrived in mailings from other collectors or in collections I've bought.

  2. I don't have any graded cards. I'd be fine getting them, but do not seek them out, and wouldn't send cards in for grading

  3. Yup. Got hooked on graded cards back in 2010. Came across two COMC dealers who were clearing out their graded card inventories, so I bought up a ton. I continued until the hobby boom last year or the year before. These days I refuse to pay some of the crazy prices dealers are asking. But in 2021... I did start selling duplicates on eBay and at shows while the market was hot.