Saturday, June 18, 2022

Few days earlier = few bucks less for me?

Topps has been producing MLB team sets since the early 2000s.  These team sets often times will have the city abbreviation in addition to a number assigned to the player.  

I find it odd that Andrew McCutchen (PHI-3) was included in the 2022 Phillies team set.  In November 2021, the Phillies turned down Cutch's team option for the 2022 season allowing Cutch to enter free agency.  On the same day, Odubel Herrera and Ronald Torreyes were also taken off the Phillies 40 man roster. 

Oddly enough the Mets team set features Max Scherzer and Starling Marte who signed just before the lockout on December 1st.
I picked up this single of Cutch from the Phillies team set for under $2 delivered, which is expensive but still reasonable.  Sometimes I just get an itch for new cardboard and have to scratch it.
Because Cutch is a veteran player, it has his complete stats on the back of the card.

There were some other players included on the Phillies Topps team set that didn't make much sense.  Ian Kennedy (PHI-10) and Ronald Torreyes (PHI-15) were also included in the Phillies packaged team sets available at the ballpark and regional releases.  Both were free agents following the 2021 season.  Kennedy signed with the Diamondbacks.  He is pitching well for the Diamondbacks so far this season appearing in 24 innings with 22 strikeouts and a 3.65 ERA in relief.  Torreyes resigned with the Phillies on a minor league contract.  He has since been released by the organization.

Below is a screenshot from a team set available online showcasing the checklist for both the Phillies and Mets.
I have to believe that if Topps didn't include Cutch in the Phillies team set along with all the other members of Phillies that were (initially) denied roster spots in 2022 (Cutch, Herrera, Torreyes, Kennedy) I wouldn't have a Cutch team set card in my collection this year.  It is very odd though that Topps included the December 1st signings of Scherzer and Marte for the Mets in addition to the November buyouts and DFAs of the Phillies members mentioned already.

Do you collect these team sets of your favorite teams? 

If so do you open the set or leave it sealed?
I have a few of the Pirates team sets that are still sealed because Cutch was the cover of the team set.

Why do you think that guys who were not on the 40 man roster in November were included for the Phillies team set, but guys who signed on December 1st were included on the Mets team set?


  1. I'll pick one up every now and again.

  2. The Mets set does have Kevin Pillar and Michael Conforto who were free agents whom no one expected to return to the Mets. Especially if the set has Marte and Canha--once they were signed there was very little chance that Conforto would end up back with the Mets. They should have given one of those spots to Carlos Carrasco. The other could have been Robinson Canó (who's gone now anyway), Luis Guillorme, Seth Lugo, Adam Ottovino, or someone like that.

    I've never bought one of these sets, although I've gotten a few of the cards over the years from dime boxes or from someone in the blogosphere. I've thought I might pick this one up (the Mets one), though, if I can find it at regular price or better. I probably would open it, but I feel as though I shouldn't.

  3. I'll pick them up some years. Haven't grabbed the 2022 A's set yet. Maybe I'll luck out and find one at the flea market for a buck or two in a few years.

  4. You're right, that is weird. I probably have a few of these Yankee team sets, but in general stay away from them or don't seek them out. Like you said, it's weird when the current year's team set is not topical or accurate. They should release them toward the end of the season.

  5. I always forget about these because I'm all the way on the other side of the country from where the Dodgers' team sets are sold in stores and I don't think of buying them online. I always like to see differences in the team set from what Topps flagship issues -- updates -- but Topps is having all kinds of issues updating players' teams this year.

  6. Wonder if it's a roster issue where Topps couldn't decide on a more popular player to include with the team so they left Cutch with Philadelphia, but with the Mets they had a little more flexibility? I think I got the Cubs team set from their championship year and that's it.