Monday, March 29, 2021

🔥I Am On Fire🔥

I have been on fire adding new Cutch cards from his Pirates playing days (2005 to 2017) over the past month having acquired nearly a dozen cards in 1 month.  This makes up for a slower February that I had.
Above is the 2017 Topps Fire Gold Minted parallel.  These are available only in blaster boxes.
I snagged this blaster box exclusive card for under $5 delivered after taxes and shipping

Have you picked up any cards on your want list for under $5 shipped recently? What did you get?


  1. I'm hoping to find more Tino cards for under $5 total with eBay's never standard envelope. Tired of seeing ones for $1.99 + $4 shipping. I did recently pick up a 2020 Topps Sapphire for his under $5 shipped, which is a card I've been waiting to snag.

  2. I picked up a Lastings Milledge auto for about $3 shipped. Completes another Mets trifecta for me.

  3. Perfect timing. I just received my only card purchase in nearly two months today in the mail. It was a 2004 Topps Chrome Hideo Nomo refractor I purchased for $3.60 (that includes tax & shipping).

  4. Sweet deal! I got a Kristaps Porzingis Donruss RC for $5.05 (after tax/shipping) and a Firpo Marberry oddball for my All-Time Teams collection, which cost about $3.