Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wear That Green!!!

It's St Patrick's Day!

Today I'm going to just stick with showing off some green cards.
2020 Absolute Baseball Sweet Spot green stitches Auto /5
2018 Transcendent Vertical Frame green parallel Autograph /15
2017 Definitive Jumbo Patch green /15
2017 Triple Threads Wold Baseball Classic USA green parallel triple relic /18
2020 Triple Threads Jumbo jersey green parallel /18
2020 Triple Threads "Leadoff Dividends" green parallel triple relic /18
2020 Chronicles Spectra Green /75
2020 Topps Gallery green
2020 Triple Threads green /275
2019 Prizm Forest Green /5
2020 Topps Update Chrome green /45
2021 Topps Hanger 1986 green exclusive on top


  1. 2020 Update Chrome is terrific.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️

  2. Nice collection of green Cutch. That Definitive patch is gorgeous.

  3. Green Sapphire! That must be striking in person.

  4. Now if Topps would just have him sign something with green ink, you'd be all set!