Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Beating The Spread

I am not sure if anyone else follows Andrew McCutchen in Instagram, but he makes some super funny videos.

Recently he made a video about going to a restaurant and receiving butter that is so hard that it is impossible to spread.

You can check out the videos here.

With the midterm elections yesterday and talking about "beating the spread" I thought I would show off this 2009 Topps Victory Propoganda card.

These cards were a fun insert set featuring a player from each team with old style war propaganda artwork.  The checklist is a who's who of 2009 and has some pretty cool looking cards. 

Here is a screenshot of someone selling half the set.
 The backs are really cool designs too.


  1. Another great example of when they put some thought into inserts.

  2. I'm not on Instagram and am mostly unfamiliar with it, but I have seen some of his videos from Tweets and agree they are very good and funny.