Friday, November 2, 2018


Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's 3rd Annual Save Second Base event.  

Contest winners will be announced below all the cards I showed off this year. 

The magenta plates...

Now for the cameo appearances where Cutch is discussed on the back of some pink cards I have.

I have about half a dozen cards ready to go for next year's event.

Here is a sneak peak at who will be appearing next year...


Now to announce the winners...

The winner of the Giancarlo Stanton/Aaron Judge pink 2018 Topps /50 card goes to Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown for correctly guessing J.D. Martinez would hit the first double in the 2018 World Series.

We had several people share the contest on the blog and I really appreciate it.
Now for the to determine our winner of the Yaz Heritage card.

I put all 4 of the "pimps" into the list generator in order of who left comments first.
After hitting the randomizer the winner is....

John Sharp.

But let's be real here guys. Everyone who helps to share the awareness is a winner and that is why I am going to send a care package to all 4 of those who shared the contest will receive a care package from me.  

I would like all four of you to email me your favorite teams/players and I will put together a package for you.  

Extra special congratulations to Gavin and John.


  1. WOW!
    Thanks, appreciate the beautiful YAZ card... #SaveTheBoobies was well worth the daily log in...I hope that my tweets helped even 1 person become aware, and that they helped 1 more, and so on... and a BIG Congratulations to Gavin on his victory, and to all who read and shared the are all winners!

    Thanks CUTCH, for all you've done very year, and I'm motivated to start collecting PINK Tigers cards to help out next year.

  2. Congrats to the winners, and congrats to you and your blog for dedicating the whole month to a worthy cause! Save 2nd base!

  3. Congrats everyone! Was another fun run

  4. Sweet Yaz! Congratulations Gavin and John!