Friday, November 30, 2018

X(Fractor) gon give it to ya.

The number of rap songs I like can probably be counted on one hand.  That's not a knock to anyone who listens to wrap.  It's just not my thing.

If I had to pick a favorite rap song it would be one of two songs.
Coolio-Gangsta's Paradise
DMX - X Gon' Give it to ya

I forgot how much I liked the latter until I was rewatching Deadpool again the other night and remembered that song was on the soundtrack.

Not to be outdone, this XFractor gon give to me massive savings.
I snagged it for half the going rate price.


  1. I would need both hands to count all the rap songs I like..but it's definitely single digits. I liked a few old school jams, and an Eminem track or two, but gangsta rap isn't my thing.

    Nice Xfractor, btw. Is it a bit easier to scoop up deals on Cutch Giants cards since he was traded to the Yanks?

    1. There seems to be some competition with buying Cutch Giants cards oddly enough. He was an instant fan favorite in San Francisco thanks to his 2 walk off hits in his first week of home games in the bay. Oddly enough if a /50 or higher hits the market and I miss the first 1 or 2, I can usually get a copy at a significant discount than what the first two went for.

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  3. Do Beastie Boys count as rap? I'll also listen Eminem and Will Smith... I'm a white stereotype. Rock is my definitely my bread and butter, especially classic rock and punk/emo. Although, Deadpool did show me just how catchy that DMX track is.

    That's a pretty sweet Cutch! I'm kinda hoping that the Cubs reel him in this winter as an offensive boost. But, I doubt that you would find that quite as agreeable.

    1. I wasn't counting Beastie Boys in my initial analysis. For my softball league oddly enough I would walk up to Lose Yourself by Eminem (or Move Your Body by the metal band Blessed By a Broken Heart).

      I'm with you on the white guy stereotype.

      As for Cutch making his home in Wrigley, I would actually like that as he has always had great numbers playing in Wrigley over the years. The 9 game visit to PNC Park as a guest each year would be pretty sweet too. I just want him to sign somewhere that allows him to play a role as an everyday player. Hes still too young in his career to be a platoon guy.

  4. Depending on my mood... I'm a huge fan of rap. Although most of the stuff I listen to is from the 80's and 90's.

    Congratulations on getting the Cutch autograph at such a good price.