Monday, November 26, 2018

Cyber Monday

Last year Panini created a set of cards that were exclusively available for Cyber Monday.  The promotion didn't seem to fare to well as it seems like many base cards didnt surface.
Fortunately for me shortly after release someone listed a McCutchen for $2 with free shipping.


I doubt Cutch will appear in this year's release.

What are some Cyber Monday sales you are aware of?


  1. Everytime Cyber Monday comes around it seems like I can't afford anything. If I could, I'd buy some cards, or a Tom Brady jersey.

  2. Picked up a pair of hoodies over at Tilly's. Plus... I'm going to take advantage of COMC's free shipping in a little bit. That just about wraps up my Cyber Monday shopping spree.

  3. I didn't do any Cyber Monday-ing. I just didn't have it in me to search out the deals this year.

  4. I did some last-minute Cyber Monday shopping on COMC. Wasn't going to add more credit but the prices dropped on some cards I was watching so I gave in. One such card was a McCutchen relic. I didn't buy it (yet?) but I'm keeping it on my watch list, just in case.

  5. I didn’t bother looking since I couldn’t buy