Saturday, November 17, 2018

Upper Deck, I miss you

Andrew McCutchen had a very brief appearance in Upper Deck products before they lost their license to produce MLB official cards in 2010. 

That brief window produced a very rare short print Signature Sensations autograph though that despite it's simplistic design still ranks as one of my favorite autograph cards of Cutch in my collection.

And with over 150 unique autographs of Cutch, thats saying something.

I think I like the relaxed spring training game photo used more than a regular season game photo.

Upper Deck was always known for their innovative photography on cards.  It ultimately lead to brands like Topps Stadium Club and Fleer Ultra. 

Stadium Club has been a let down for Cutch cards over the years since the brand came back and I wish that there would be more fun entertaining cards of Cutch like a few of my favorite players I collected growing up.

Some of my favorite players from my youth included

Barry Bonds

Gary Sheffield (one of the greatest under appreciated hitters of all time)

Andy Van Slyke

Ken Caminiti

Nolan Ryan
Frank Thomas

And Kenny Lofton

I will show off a few of my other Cutch Upper Deck cards in the future, but I definitely miss the candid photos of Upper Deck.


  1. Everytime I think Upper Deck returning to baseball would be good for the hobby I remember that they'd just release like a billion products every year too to compete with Topps/Panini and make collecting even more unbearable (or at least harder to keep up with).

  2. I always liked Upper Deck, and they'll forever remind me of my favorite set - Collector's Choice. I hate that my last memory of Upper Deck was that 2010 festering turd of a set.

  3. Love Upper Deck and happy they have the hockey license, even though I'm not collecting much new product anymore. Also, agree with you on Sheffield. I guess he's so underappreciated because he was such a jerk. Dude could swing that bat!


  4. The 1993 UD set features some of the best photography ever. It ranks up there with 1991 Topps.

    I miss UD too. But that's because I'd love to see UD Masterpieces and UD Sweet Spot make a return to our hobby.