Thursday, November 1, 2018

Congrats Boston Red Sox!

With the SaveSecondBase event I was running all month I completely forgot to congratulate the Boston Red Sox on winning the World Series.

Yesterday I watched some of the parade before going to a matinee showing of the new Halloween movie.

I really didn't care who won the World Series.  I was hoping the Rockies would advance further, but once they were eliminated I had two American League teams I would quietly root for thanks to the former Pirates in the organization.  Had Houston advanced I would no doubt be cheering them on for Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton.  Alex Bregman is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to,watch also.  For Boston it was all about cheering on Steve Pearce who was just an,absolute class act baseball player while with the Pirates through the minors and his brief stint in the majors.

I can't say enough good things about Steve Pearce.

And neither can Cutch who got a lot of heat from Yankees fans for cheering on his former teammate.

Cutch put the haters comments aside with the above Twitter post though.

I don't have a lot of cards featuring Cutch with current members of the Boston Red Sox.  The only cards I have feature Cutch on Just Minors sticker autographs with Pearce and Price.

These two dual autos of Cutch with the 2018 World Series MVP are numbered to 10 and 25 copies.

I also have a triple autograph with David Price and Jason Hayward.  It is also numbered to only 10 copies.
I do have some other cards of Cutch featuring former Red Sox

Jacoby Ellsbury

Shane Victorino
Carl Crawford

Tomorrow I will recap all the pink cards I showed off and give a sneak peak at next year's month long event.


  1. How can anyone not be happy for Steve Pearce? When a journeyman who plays for the love of the game gets a chance to shine and be in the spotlight - that's one of the best things about the game!

    1. Guys like Cody Ross and Steve Pearce are the reason why postseason baseball is so fun. All year long you see the over paid stars of the game excel, but in short glimpses of time it is often the unlikely players that end up being the heroes who often get remembered.

      David Freeze, Marco Scutaro, Scott Brosius, Ray Knight,etc are just a handful of guys who helped win their team the Commisioner's Trophy, but we're never the elite level stars of their team let alone the League.

  2. That Five Star patch card is insane. Great collection! And huge props to Pearce and the Red Sox.

  3. I know some people thought David Price should have been WS MVP but I'm glad it went to a journeyman/non-star like Pearce. He was a very underrated piece of the puzzle this year. Cutch's tweet was awesome, btw. I'm curious to see where he'll end up this off-season, since the Yanks' outfield is already crowded. (Hopefully I'll be able to root for him again!)

    1. I am so happy for Pearce. Keep your eyes open as I am runnimg a contest for where Cutch winds up this off-season.