Monday, February 20, 2017

A New Rookie

My favorite cards like many of us who grew up collecting cards in the early 90s were Upper Deck cards.  I wish that Cutch had more than just a handful of Upper Deck cards available before they lost their license.

I have been wanting this Upper Deck rookie of Cutch for several years, but never pulled the trigger on it because it goes for more than I have ever been willing to spend.  It tends to go for $30+ on comc and eBay.

Fortunately there was one ending at an off hour that I knew I must win.

And win I did.

I am so glad I can finally cross this off the wants list.  Now if I can just add a 2009 Bowman Sterling and all of the many parallels, I will have the complete rookie run.


  1. I miss Upper Deck as well and the Ultimate Collection cards look fantastic!

  2. Upper Deck needs to get more licenses