Thursday, February 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday: My First 2017 Cutch

2017  Topps has been out for a lil over a week now. I have kept quiet showing off any thoughts about the flagship release because I needed a Thursday to reveal this card first.

I bought a blaster at Target last Friday.  Unlike many others, I showed resistance (for a few extra days) of not buying 2017 Topps because I knew Cutch didn't have a base card in Series 1.

Cutch has a bunch of inserts and parallels though.
Jackie Robinson patch and insert
Spring Training Pin
5 Tools Insert
1987 Retro
1987 Color Refractors

Like everyone else I love the 5 Tool Talents and enjoy the 1987 cards.  I actually already bought a bunch of the color parallels from eBay.

Here's some other cards I got in my blaster.

Nothing really exciting in the blaster so I am just showing off a few of my favorites from the packs I opened.

This was my first pack and my first card of 2017 was Lucas Duda. Yuck!  The rest of pack was so bad I didn't even want to show it.

Wil Myers had a great year last year. The Steve Avery rediscover Topps card reminds me how much I hate the Braves

Jose Fernandez R.I.P.
The Beltran is gold /2017
The Chris Davis card is really neat looking.  I miss those subtle moments from the game being on cardboard.
Victoria Justice? Yes Please!!!

I like the inserts a lot this year, but the rookie class is really good for series one. I hear that Gary Sanchez guy is supposed to be good.

The team celebration cards are awesome as are the 5 Tool Talents.  The D'arnaud is rainbow foil.  It's amazing how Zach Duke has turned his career around to be a dominant lefty out of the pen.

My Jackie Robinson patch was Miguel Sano

Here's the other Pirates I got

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