Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Great Move to Match The Great One

Andrew McCutchen might have more class and respect for the game and it's fans than most other ballplayers playing today.

On Sunday, Starling Marte let out the new defensive alignment which caused the Pirates to react and inform everyone that Marte will move from LF to CF, Gregory Polanco will move from RF to LF, and the team's franchise face will move from CF to RF.

Much like how Andrew handled the trade rumors before FanFest, he perfectly handled the news by posting an image of Roberto Clemente, the greatest right fielder to put on a Pirates uniform, on his Twitter.

Such respect and class.

With the new RunPMC alignment and Cutch's Twitter image response I thought it made sense to show off the cardboard I have of #21 and #22 together.

Let's start with the super rare Opening Day Photo Variant.

These typically sell in the $50+ range, often reaching close to $100.  The card features Cutch winning the 2015 Roberto Clemente award.

Next up is a pair of Heritage Clubhouse Collection cards from 2015

I wish Topps had made a quad with Cutch, Polanco, Marte, and Clemente

This next one might be my favorite of all the cards

It's a Triple Threads featuring three of the best Pirates of all time.

The thing I like most is that none of the relics look similar. Stargell has a white jersey, Cutch has a yellow Spring Training jersey, and Clemente has a bat.

These Throwback Thursday football style cards were a nice online exclusive set by Topps.

Truthfully, nothing really beats vintage looking cardboard.
Which leads to this...

Such a beatiful looking Heritage Clubhouse Collection card from 2013

We finish with my first dual relic of Cutch and Clemente

WhenI got this card I wasn't a supercollector yet.  I was so excited that a piece of cardboard was made featuring the Great One and Cutch.


  1. Great cards. I'm a huge fan of those that juxtapose the old guard with the new.

  2. I like that they don't feel forced. That's a compliment to Cutch. Plunder the Lox!

  3. These cards alone are an amazing mini collection!