Friday, February 3, 2017

National Wear Red Day: Must See!!!

Stealing a page from Daniel @ It's Like Having my own Card Shop I looked at the National Whatever Day calendar and discovered that the first Friday in February is always National Wear Red Day.

The holiday was created to raise awareness for heart disease and strokes which cause the death of 1 in 3 women each year. You can read more information and fund the education to prevent heart disease by visiting the American Heart Association.

In respect for National Wear Red day, I thought I would show off some red parallels of Cutch. I thought about showing red jersey swatches of Cutch instead, but ultimately decided on showing more variety in today's post.

Be sure to check out all the cards below.  There's lot's of low numbers seen below: 1/1s, /5s, /25s, /50s.

Let's start off with a bang, shall we?


That's a 2005 Topps Chrome Red XFractor Auto numbered to 25!

Numbered to only 5, this Bowman Chrome Draft Picks and Prospects shows Cutch in the Futures Game.

Red Hot RookieRedemptions and Topps Unique

Triple Threads (numbered to 1,350 Lol) and Topps Chrome (/25)

Bowman Platinum, Factory Red (extremely tough to get), and Triple Threads

Target Reds took over in 2012 as evidenced by the three red Target base cards and Heritage red border.  The Bowman Platinum looks awesome.

The Topps Finest and Bowman Red Ice are both numbered to 25. All others are Target exclusives.

2014 provided us with a new parallel set to chase, Red Hots (middle column).  The first column is all Target exclusives. The Bowman Red Ice is numbered to 25. The Finest competitors is numbered to only 10! As is customary, Bowman Platinum offered a red/ruby variant not numbered.

Panini had some red parallels too. I will show off my rainbows of these in the future.

The Gallery of Greats and both Topps Tek variants are numbered to only 5.  The others are all numbered to, but cmon LOOK at those Teks!!!

I showed off the Gold Labels in a previous post
All the Topps and Bowman Chromes are numbered to ONLY 5.
The Immaculate is numbered to 25.
Another numbered to 5 Bowman Chrome, some more low numbered cards (/99, /50) and an unnumbered Heritage Red Back!!!!
You thought we were done?

How about a real diamond inside of a card?

Yup. Panini released diamond embedded cards /15 in their red/ruby parallels in Flawless
Well, if you hung around, here is a special treat.

2 Bowman Red Papers 1/1s

Let's look at those backs.


As a reminder, wear your red proudly today and if you get a chance go donate to the American Heart Association.


  1. Wow...thats a sick collection there! I had no idea today was wear red day, but I actually wore red (which I never do) so I unknowingly participated.