Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Researching the Relic: 1/1 Bat Knob

I love alliteration.  It's fun for making catching titles.

A few weeks ago I showed a bunch of manufactured bat knobs, bat barrels, and fielding gloves.  I said that it was a sneak peek of something big to come.

So here's the thing.  This card was listed with an eBay reserve and 9 day auction.  That time felt like forever to end.

I love this card!  Even without logos, it's still one of my favorites in my impressive collection of over 1,400 unique cards of Cutch.

You may notice that the bat knob has a PSA/DNA sticker on it.  This makes it easy to research the relic.

Here is the PSA link authenticating the bat.  If you don't want to view the link, here is the image of the bat authenticated by PSA.

I wonder if a bat barrel nameplate will be made in the future.


  1. Wow, that's great you can see actual photos of the bat! I didn't know this existed. I clicked the link, but it doesn't say when he used it, does it?

  2. Bat knobs cards are awesome. Bat know cards with built in authentication are even awesomer!

  3. Thanks guys. I was stoked about getting this for the collection. I ended passing on a 1/1 Laundry Tag at the time though because of money. This is my first Cutch bat knob and I got 5 or so laundry tags so in my eyes, I made the right choice.

  4. That is AWESOME! Congrats on landing such an amazing card!