Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6th: Remembering Ralph Kiner

As everyone else in America is recovering from the Super Bowl last night, thus officially ending football season, it's important to realize Spring Training is just around the corner.

Spring training!!!!

Baseball season is nearing!!!!

It was only 3 years ago today that the sports world lost a Hall of Fame slugger, TV/radio personality, and a Pittsburgh Pirates legend.

Ralph Kiner dominated the National League by launching many Home Runs out of Forbes field in the 40s. He ultimately had his career cut short due to injury, but during his prime he was a wrecking force having lead the NL HR title 7 years in a row (a feat that no one to this day has accomplished).

Let's look at the most recent HR leaders for the past 7 years and see how many times their name appears.

2016 Nolan Arenado/Chris Carter (tie)
2015 Nolan Arenado/Bryce Harper (tie)
2014 Giancarlo Stanton
2013 Pedro Alvarez/Paul Goldschmidt (tie)
2012 Ryan "I got that UPS guy fired" Braun
2011 Matt Kemp
2010 Albert Pujols

Ok, so maybe Arenado can go on to carry his long ball dominance until he reaches age 30? Doubtful, but we'll keep an eye on it.

How about the American League?
2016 Mark Trumbo
2015 Chris Davis
2014 Nelson Cruz
2013 Chris Davis
2012 Miguel Cabrera
2011 Jose Bautista
2010 Jose Bautista

Well, a team might win 7 years in a row as Trumbo, Davis, and Cruz all played for Baltimore when they won the title. Even then though, I don't know if that trend will continue.

Even if it does, it will take a team effort to match what Ralph Kiner accomplished.

Even though he wasn't a game changer and doesn't have any flashy milestone numbers, let's remember Ralph Kiner today as I show off my own little Kiner's Korner on Collecting Cutch

The card above is not the nicest of my Cutch/Kiner cards, but it is the only one that shows tribute to the former Pirate Hall of Famer.  The patch on the card is the 4 worn on the right arm sleeve during the 2014 season.

Nice tribute, right?

Figured I would show an image from the 2014 Home Opener when former Pirates MVPs Dick Groat and Barry Bonds presented Cutch with his 2013 NL MVP Award and his 2nd straight Silver Slugger Award.  Notice the patch?

And above is the back of the 2016 Museum card I showed earlier.

Now it's time to show off the dual relic/autos

Beautiful looking, low numbered booklet from 2010 Bowman Sterling

This was one of my first dual auto/relics I had acquired

Now for just some more relics

It was fun to go through these older cards and scan them all in and remember the joy they brought me first acquiring them. I would love to add the parallels of the "Steel Power" Triple Threads card you see above.


  1. I love that Gypsy Queen dual auto. That is one of my favorites in my collection as well.

  2. That Kiner patch card is a gem!

  3. Thanks Matt. I think it was my first Kiner auto.

    Thanks Tony. When I saw it, I was stoked about getting it. A few years ago I saw a Quad patch with Cespedes, Reggie Jackson, and Willie Stargell. Cutch's swatch was the "7" from the Chuck Tanner star patch the team wore the previous year. I wish I had won that one.