Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More Party Favors

I already showed off one of the 1/1s of Cutch given out at the Transcendent Party in Las Vegas.  If you don't remember it you can click here.

Someone posted a handful of their cards aquired at the party for sale on eBay and I noticed a certain Pittsburgh Pirate in the background. I inquired about if the Cutch was for sale too and got a message back with a price.


You can see the close up of the 1/1 and 1-18-17 Topps Trancendent Party Logo above.

My quest for more 1/1 party favors wasn't done.
The same seller also had pulled a 2016 Sapphire 1/1 from his Silver Party Pack.
 I asked about that as well and ....


The backs of the cards look identical to the regular versions as these are basically over priced 1/1 buybacks.

I don't think there is any more of these McCutchen cards to chase from the Topps Transcendent Party.