Sunday, February 5, 2017


Normally I try to get to the movie theatre once a month and check out a sci-fi, thriller, or sports related movie.  It's my way of escaping everything and everybody for a few hours.

This week's movie I checked out was Split.  It's M. Night Shymalan's newest movie and I have to say it was actually very enjoyable. James McCovoy played his roles excellently. The ending had a nice little surprise which will lead into something much bigger for M. Night Shymalan's filming future.

It's not a perfect segue into today's card, but I tried.

Even with the lack of logos, I absolutely loved the Prizm baseball cards because of the color parallels.

One insert set that I am still struggling to find all the colors for is 2014 Prizm Fearless.  To my knowledge the Finite Black 1/1 has never appeared on the secondary market and only one Gold /10 has appeared since the set's release.

Here are the various cards I have of the rainbow.

Let's start with the red first because that was the toughest to acquire so far.

And here are the others. (Purple, Blue, Prizm, Base)

If anyone ever comes across the Black or Gold versions of this card, Let Me Know!!!

What does the back have to say about this card?

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