Tuesday, September 3, 2019

80s Week! Some 1/1s revealed also

As a child of the 80s I grew up in an era with big hair, great cartoons, great toys, and collector's craze of sports cards.
I have seen others post their decade favorites and wanted to join in.  After I am done breaking down all my favorites I will show off my Andrew McCutchen retro designed baseball cards.

It should be obvious that he is my favorite player born in the 80s. Don't forget to enter my contest of favorite player born in the 80s here.

So let's get started...

Here are 5 categories
At the end are the 80s inspired cards to show off

Favorite cartoon:
I absolutely loved the animation of the original Thundercats opening.  As a kid I only had 2 Thundercats action figures (Slythe and Tygra with a tiny Wilykat PVC figure that came with Tygra).  I had hundreds of G.I. Joes, Transformers, Masters of the Universe, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles though.  Still, I was glued to the TV each day for the adventures of Lion-O and his Thunderian friends as he battled the forces of the Evil Mutants and Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living.

Later In life as an early twentysomething I bought all those Thundercats toys I wanted as a kid and had a complete set of every figure made except the ultra rare European exclusive Stinger and The Mad Bubbler.  I had a few Thundertanks, Cats Lair, and about a dozen sealed figures.  Unfortunately I sold them all prior to the AFA grading system (similar to PSA or BGS for baseball cards) took off and made my loose complete mint figures worth thousands.

Oh well...

Favorite TV Show (not animated)
Knight Rider

I am still amazed that my parents let me watch Knight Rider at such a young age considering some of the underlying themes of the show.  However all I cared about was that cool car known as K.I.T.T. and wanting to be Michael Knight.

My dad being the awesome person he is took me to the Philadelphia car show when I was just 4 years old to meet David Hasselhoff.

There's the proof.

Favorite Song:
Survivor- Eye of the Tiger
To this day, this is my go to song to get pumped up. 'Nuff Said

As an adult there are lots of songs I like from the 80s and they revolve around the Beastie Boys, Motley Crue, and AC/DC.
This list gets very complicated in the 90s.

Favorite Comic Book:
I didn't read many comics until the 90s, but I definitely remembering having comic books of the Inhumanoids.
When I do the 90s favorites, this list is going to be very extensive.

Favorite Baseball Card Set:
1987 Topps
I collected the entire set of 1987 Topps with my dad. I was 6 years old and had a lot of fun putting it together.  The wood grain borders, the all capital letters for players names, the circular team logo.  This set was absolutely beautiful.  I chose to show the Will Clark card because I remember having a large stack of these in toploaders.

Now to show off some of my Cutch cards using designs from the 80s.

A few years ago I showed off a bunch of these, but my collection has grown quite a bit since then and Topps/Panini has introduced even more retro designed parallels to chase.

A few years ago I had ZERO Chrome Superfractors with a design from the 80s.
Now I have 3.

A few years ago I had ZERO relic cards based on a design from the 1980s.  Now I have TWO.
This 2014 Topps 89 Relic is one of my favorite patch cards.

Cutch didn't have a base card in the 2019 Donruss set, but he did have a relic in the 1985 inspired retro set.
 There is also a bat relic numbered to 10 copies, but the design is identical.

Throughout the rest of this week I will show more 80s inspired cards and reveal more of my favorite things from the 80s. Please don't forget about my contest and share who some of your favorite players born in the 80s are.


  1. I was in the Navy in 1987, and a shipmate and I loved the '87 Topps cards as well.

    No matter when you're born, collecting baseball cards, like w/ you and your Dad, should always be fun.

    Good job!

  2. Favorite 80's cartoon: Robotech
    Favorite 80's television show: Cheers