Monday, September 30, 2019

Contest Winners Announced

Time is running out to join another of my Save Second Base/K Cancer contests.  Contest closes tomorrow morning!  That prize is a Jose Berrios clear acetate autographed card.

Last Wednesday the contest for writing a post about your favorite sports movie ended.  Only 2 people entered.

John and Fuji
I said I would random it off twice.
After the first time, John is still on top.
And after the second time, John is on top again.
Congrats to John from the blog John's Big League Baseball Blog.  John will be receiving this Tyler Glasnow autographed pink card.

Both Anthony Rendon and Corey Seager smacked 44 doubles over the regular season while being members of a National League team.
That means I had to use the tiebreaker rule and see who struck out less in the 2019 season.

Anthony Rendon struck out 86 times over the regular season while Seager struck out 98 times.

There were quite a few people who selected Rendon to win the Troy Tulowitzki pink card.

I put Matt, John Sharp, Mrbasepauly, and Captkirk42 into the randomizer

After 4 times, Matt was on top!
Congrats to Matt and John for their victories.


Tomorrow we are all winners as I will begin my month long reveal of only pink (and shades of Pink) in an attempt to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

Please visit the National Breast Cancer website at least once this month and consider making a donation.

Let's work towards a cure.

What celebrities would you like to see this year?


  1. Awesome!
    Congrats Matt, a job well done!

    Only one more wakeup to Save Second Base! ♀️💃💗

  2. Thanks for the contests! Congratulations John and Matt!

  3. Whoo-Hoo! Thanks! Congrats to John as well!