Friday, September 13, 2019

It's Time I Reveal This Masterpiece

Tomorrow I will be on my way to the Philly Show. It is my first time attending the show.

Andrew McCutchen is one of the stars signing at the show and he is also doing a photo opp with fans.  I booked my tickets earlier in the week and have reached out to Brad from Brad's (Phillies) Blog about meeting up at the show.  This will be the first time I meet up with another blogger in person so it should be fun.

The main reason I am going is because of Andrew McCutchen. It has been a long time since I got a chance to do a photo opp with Cutch. (2010 to be specific)  I am really excited about having him sign a custom card I had made. 

Here is some backstory on the card...
As we all know, Andrew McCutchen cut his famous dreadlocks off for charity during Spring Training 2015.  Shortly after they were auctioned off via MLB charity auctions.  Only 12 were put up for auction.

Each dreadlock was included in a dual MLB authenticated Ziploc bag and an autograph baseball of Cutch.

I got #3.

I reached out to Tanner From TanManBaseballFan, Mouschi, and CansecoCollector fame to do a custom for me using the dreadlock.

This is what he came up with.  He took about 3 inches of the dreadlock and encapsulated it inside the cardboard.
The back of the card tells the story of how Cutch donated the locks to charity and includes one of the MLB authenticated stickers.

Here is the card in it's case. (Sorry for the bad scan)

Here is a video of Tanner producing the card.

My hope is that Andrew will sign the acetate tomorrow to complete this custom.

I had plans to get this image of JT Realmuto and Cutch signed as well, but couldn't get it to print properly.  It just wouldn't align correctly.


  1. Wow! Masterpiece, indeed. That is one unique card.

  2. Sweet custom, hope Cutch likes it. Always great meeting your favorite player no matter how old you are.

  3. So funny. Can’t wait to hear what Cutch’s reaction is!

  4. That's a sweet custom! Can't wait to see the final product with Cutch's signature... and like TLC mentioned... hear what he has to say about the card.

  5. Not going to lie, buying someone else's hair is a weird concept to me. However, Tanner did an absolutely amazing job with that custom card and I can't wait to see you show it off signed! Have fun today!