Thursday, September 5, 2019

I Love The 80s: Those Uniforms Tho...

As I marched towards remembering the 1980s and at the same time promoting my contest, today I will be looking at some of the uniforms and players from the 1980s.

I will specifically look at the four teams that Andrew has played on and talk about the uniforms they wore in the 1980s along with my favorite from each team during the 80s.

Let's start with the team that Cutch played the fewest amount of games with, the New York Yankees.  Rich in tradition, the Yankees uniform remains unchanged for nearly a century.  The pinstripes are world famous, there are no names on the back, and the NY has largely remained the same on the front since the days of Babe Ruth.
(This card is insanely overpriced. It had a print run of less than 250 copies and can fetch over $50.)

Choosing my favorite Yankee of the 80s is a no brainer. It has to be Donnie Baseball.
Mattingly looked to be a lock for a Hall of Fame career as he was winning batting titles, MVP, and gold glove awards all before his age 30 season. I don't have any specific memories of Donnie Baseball, but my best friend in grade school would brag about having his 84 Topps card.

The Giants had a white home jersey with big bubbly letters for the G and S, but those uniforms haven't been worn by the team in a long time.  During Cutch's tenor with the team they used a road grey jersey worn in the 80s. It included a SF over the left breast plate of the player.
The uniform is very noticable on the 2018 Topps Update and all it's parallels including the autograph versions.
Favorite player from the Giants in the 80s? Will "The Thrill" Clark.  I collected a bunch of his cards and he was always a pesky hitter at the plate.  Will was also a good fielder.  After nearly two decades since his last game played in San Francisco, the team is doing the right thing and retiring #22.

The Pittsburgh Pirates will likely always be the team that Andrew is associated with and he helped bring a winning tradition back to the Steel City for a brief time from 2013 to 2015.  This three year stretch was only the second time since the 1979 World Series Champions made the playoffs.  The uniforms made famous by the 1979 "We are Family" Pirates were worn into the 80s by the Battlin' Bucs.

For me, there is no pitcher that influenced my little league life than Kent Tekulve.  I felt like I was him on the mound. Tall and a string bean with not enough arm strength to throw over the top.  I loved everything about this dude.

His current uniform of the Phillies has a throwback variant and has already started showing up on cardboard.
Wondering who may favorite Phillies player of the 80s is?

It's this guy again!


  1. The Pirates and Phillies for the win here!

  2. Ahhh, Donnie Baseball! The powder blue Phils is cool.

    The Pirates...woof.

  3. Favorite 80's...

    Yankees: Ron Guidry
    Giants: Will Clark
    Pirates: Tony Pena
    Phillies: Steve Carlton