Sunday, September 29, 2019

K Cancer Contest

The Playoffs teams have all been revealed and a number of teams look to be built for a deep October run.

Kate Upton, Jennifer Lopez, and Emily Ratajkowski will all be appearing in October for my 4th Annual Save Second Base Event.

The question is...
Which of the team caps pictured will have pitchers throw more strikeouts?

Will the 3 headed monster lead by Kate Upton's husband, Justin Verlander, paired up with Gerrit Cole and Zack Greinke take down the opposition?

Will the great Yankees bullpen shut down batters as the Bronx Bombers slug their way to a 28th Championship?

Will it be
The Los Angeles Dodgers lead by future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw deliver a Hollywood picture and the Dodgers capture their first World Series Title since 1988?

Could it be another team?
It will all play out in October and here is the prize.

2018 Clearly Authentic Jose Berrios (ON CARD AUTO)

Now for the rules:
1)Must be a follower on twitter or frequent reader/commenter here.
2)USA residents only
3)Select which team will have the most striekouts by a team pitching staff
3a)Tie Breaker: pick a pitcher on that team's playoff roster starting staff and predict how many strikeouts he will have by end of Post Season.  Closest without going over wins.
4)Contest closes Tuesday morning October 1st at 7am Eastern Time/4am Pacific Time

Please share this contest and comment if you shared it.
I will randomly select one person who pimped the contest and they will receive an assortment of pink baseball cards.

All contest winners will be revealed in a recap post November 1st.


  1. Another great contest!

    I'll take the Astros, with Justin Verlander as my tiebreaker w/ 50 Ks in the playoffs. Here's my post...

    Thanks for all you do CUTCH!

    1. Thanks for the entry and for supporting the event so much.

  2. Even though I don’t really believe it’ll be them, Goff go with the Yanks! I think it’ll be Tanaka with 24.

    Thanks for the contest.

  3. I’ll go a different way and try the Braves. For the tiebreaker it’s guess Mike Soroka gets 15.

    1. Only 15 Ks all postseason? If they win enough to World Series you figure hes probably making at least 4 starts.

    2. Yeah, I know it's a little odd to pick a team and then go for the starter I think will have a lower total, but Soroka doesn't have a lot of experience and they might have a quick hook with him. And even if I'm way off, maybe others who pick the Braves will go over.

    3. You're good. No one else picked Braves

  4. Hi. I'm a thirteen year old kid who loves reading your blog! I would have to say that the Dodgers have the most k's and that walker buehler will have 41

  5. I'll take the Astros with my tiebreakers being Gerrit Cole with 29 strikeouts. Thanks for the contest!

    1. Youre in for the contest. All aboard the Cole Train!

  6. Thanks for the contest. Astros. Verlander. 44. Ugh. That means if the A's end up beating the Rays... they're gonna get knocked out by the Astros. :(

  7. I’ll take Houston, and Gerrit Cole with 39 Ks. Thanks for the awesome contest!