Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Cole Train Keeps Chugging Along

Last night, Gerrit Cole made history when he struck out Shin Soo Choo for his 300 punchout of the year.  That makes him the 18th pitcher in MLB history to accomplish the feat.

I have about 50 autographs of Gerrit Cole and probably an equal amount of relics.

Below (in no particular order) I will show my 18 favorite Gerrit Cole autographs or relic cards.

Here are some of my favorites with Cutch


And here are some of my favorites with just Cole

And here are some others

Honorable Mention:
This 1/1 featuring a Josh Harrison Postseason patch


  1. 50 autographs of Cole? Dang. This collection is insane! #blownaway I have the 2013 Five Star Signature. Love that card.

  2. I'm really hoping he doesn't sign with the Yankees this off season...

  3. 300 is a lot.

    I highly doubt Yankees sign him. They have a bunch of their own guys to take care of and nothing suggests they are currently in the business of signing big name free agents to long-term deals.

  4. Impressive is a pale word to describe this post. I am in awe.