Saturday, September 21, 2019

Nice Rack!

Not many sealed rack packs or similar items appear in today's market place.  I miss the days of those 1989 Topps with star players on the front.

Topps National Baseball Card Day and Target Exclusive Gypsy Queen packs are the closest thing I can get now.
I grabbed these 3 sealed packs of Phillies mainly because Cutch was on the cover for one of them.

I opened the Cesar and Jake packs and got a Cutch loose in the pack with Cesar.
I kept the Harper and Cutch for my PC and sent the others to Brad when I met up with him at the Philly Show.  He did a recap of what I gave him here.

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  1. At first, I was thinking... they really loaded up the set with Phillies. But after searching online, I noticed Topps made NBCD SGA cards. Very cool. I love it when they give away cards at baseball games.