Saturday, February 20, 2021

I am the Thanos of CollectingCutch

Remember when sports cards exploded shortly after The Last Dance during the initial month of COVID?  Something similar is going on in the nonsports card world with Marvel themed sets.  Sealed boxes of Series 1 from the early 90s used to be sold for $20 at flea markets as recent as last year.  Now, some of them are selling for $500+.  It is mind blowing what is going on with trading cards these days.  I only kept my Gambit, Daredevil, and Iron Fist themed cards from my nonsports collecting days.  I wish I kept more.

I'm sure some of my loyal readers have watched the Marvel Cinematic Universe and understand what it's like to put together the Infinity Stones.
Well, I am attempting a similar such feat.  For those that don't know, in the Marvel Universe there exists 6 gems that can control the universe.  These are the Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time stones.  

The 2015 Bowman Best release has only 1 more 1/1 that I am searching for and if I get it, I might hold all the power in the Collecting Cutch universe.  

Below is a scan of the card I am seeking.
I captured it from Worthpoint years ago and hasn't resurfaced since it was initially sold on eBay shortly after release.

It would go nicely with these other printing plate 1/1s
As you can see I have already captured all 4 of the printing plates.

I have also gotten 2 1/1 buyback autographs from 2018 Archives Active Player Signatures.  They can be seen below as the refractor and base.
So if you ever see the 2015 Bowman Best Superfractor surface, please make me aware of it.  I promise if I get it, I won't snap away half of existence.


  1. What if we WANT you to snap away half of existence? B^}

  2. Good luck! I hope half your body doesn't get burned to a crisp when you complete your quest!

  3. Interesting on the comic cards. I don't have much in the way of those types of cards - maybe a few here and there. I'll haver to to take a look and list 'em if it makes sense, as I have no attachment to them.

  4. I was gonna write a post over the current hype of Marvel cards... but didn't get around to it. It's so crazy!

    Best of luck tracking down that superfractor!