Monday, February 22, 2021

Blake Delivers a Gem

Project 70 is an art project collector set that Topps is doing this year based on last year's success with Topps Project 2020.  This year the artists will all be doing their take on players of their choice to all 70 years of Topps Baseball cards.

Card number 10 which was made available on is none other than Andrew McCutchen and it is drawn by Blake Jamieson.

Blake was one of the most popular artists on Project 2020 because of his super fan friendly personality and constant interaction with fans and artists alike.

I have a few Blake Jamieson splatter cards in my collection already, but the coolest one is this 2020 Topps Series 2 Photo Variant.
Blake offered it up for sale in September and I snatched it up immediately.  It features spray paint on the front of the card along with a gem 💎 stencil.  A beautiful blue paint pen auto is on card and it was encased in one of Blake's signature tamper proof foil stickers atop.
A certificate of authenticy was place with the card.

Will you be buying any of the Project 70 cards?  I already got the Mookie by Ben Baller and Fernando Tatis by Ermsy.

Not sure how many of these Cutch cards I'll grab. I'm thinking 10?


  1. Didn't buy any Project 2020 and won't buy Project 70. I just don't like the idea of "remaking" cards. If they were original cards by those artists, I'd be more interested, although whether I'd pay what they go for is another question because I'm a cheapskate.

    And I must say it viscerally bothers me to see anyone painting or otherwise writing on a baseball card, even if they're obviously talented artists.

  2. You gotta get 22, right?

    I'm hoping I can get at least one card of a Tigers player(s).

  3. I’m tempted by today’s Aaron Judge. I’m not sure though. I’m worn out after Project 2020. I will probably hold out unless we get a Tino, but I’m not optimistic.

  4. That splatter card is very cool. I like how some of these artist offer other "art" cards on their sites. As for Project 70... if I can find a cheap copy of the Ermsy Tatis, I'll grab it on eBay.