Friday, February 19, 2021

This Card is Frame-ous, episode 1

I have been fortunate over the years of collecting my favorite athlete that Topps has produced some really nice metal framed cards.  

The first of these appeared in 2014 as an insert set available in Topps Series 2.  They were made to look like the original designs from Topps Gold Label 2000, but were limited to only 99 copies and had a gold metal frame around the card.  

They were EXTREMELY difficult to pull and landed on average 1 per case and the checklist consisted of 25 players (current and retired). 

Andrew McCutchen was coming off his MVP season and the Pittsburgh Pirates future looked extremely bright.  

The images on the front of this card were also used for other 2014 cards, but the combination of the sliding catch and the batting pose really look quite dynamic together.  You can tell that Cutch is at his Gold Glove defense level and is getting ready to run out a double in the gap. 
The back captures the original look of the 2000 Gold Label set and has the Class 1 designation.  (There were no other classes produced).  

If you're interested in seeing who else was part of the 25 player insert set, visit here.

I think that the success of this insert ultimately lead to the reintroduction of Gold Label as a yearly product.  

The product is produced now using traditional card stock with holofoil designs and the Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 rarities along with a few color parallels (black, blue, red) per class.  

The current production of Topps Gold Label uses frames for their autograph cards, which come on average 1 per box.  

Would you be interested in seeing framed cards once a month on a Friday? 

Do you have any metal framed cards?


  1. I'm not sure that I have any, and I'd definitely like to see more.

  2. Yes, I'd be interested.

    I only have one or two framed cards like this, but they are definitely pretty cool and unique.