Thursday, February 25, 2021

Proof I'm not that special

Back in late 2016, early 2017 I was buying out another Cutch collector of his collection.  There were some really nice and rare items included in the cards I bought.

One of the most special cards I bought was this 2009 Upper Deck autograph with a rare inscription.  I initially thought this was a 1/1 type inscription and paid a premium to add it to my collection.  I think we settled on a bit over $100 for it.

The back looks identical to all other 2009 Upper Deck autographs
Here it is with my regular signature that is graded a BGS9.5.  Accompanying it are some other 2009 autographs.
Well, over the weekend someone has listed a similar card for sale for $1,500 or best offer...
Safe to say, I won't be buying a second copy at that price. 


  1. I suspect that this new listing is going to be sitting there for awhile!

  2. You might not be "special" but you're sitting on a $1500 card there ;)

  3. What I see is if it sells for $1500, he can't even pay the shipping? Instead, charging $20? Yikes!

  4. If this is only the second copy you've seen... it's still pretty darn rare. Now let's see what that graded copy actually sells for (if it sells).

  5. That is rare! He also probably listed it figuring he was baiting you into buying it. Don't do it!