Monday, February 8, 2021

Miggy Miggy Miggy, Can't You See?

My supercollector friend JT (aka TripleCrown24) sent me a Twitter message that he came across an Andrew McCutchen parallel that I needed.  

I always appreciate when people come across a new Cutch card I need while they're shopping at their local card shops.  This hobby is awesome!!!

Anyway, JT sent me this 2018 Topps Gallery 1952 Heritage green parallel.

The green on the card is an odd choice for sure.  
It is numbered to 250 copies on the back.

JT has also sent me some other Cutch cards I needed for the PC like this 2013 Bowman Platinum Sapphire parallel.

JT as you may be able to tell from his social media handle, TripleCrown24, is a Miguel Cabrera supercollector.  His goal is to get to 3,000 unique cards of Miggy before Miggy gets to 3,000 hits.  He's closing in on 2,800 which is an amazing feat of itself. 

Here are a few of my Andrew McCutchen with Miguel Cabrera cards.

2014 Immaculate Collection
triple patch /10
The back discusses the importance of each of these players.
2014 Immaculate Collection
Triple relic /49

2015 Immaculate Collection
ten player patch /10

2017 Immaculate Collection
Quad Relic /25
2017 Immaculate Collection
Quad Relic /99

As you can see Panini likes to use Miggy, Cutch, and Votto for their Immaculate Collection releases.  

Thank you for the new Cutch card JT.  

If you get a chance, follow JT on Twitter @itstriplecrown and subscribe to his YouTube Channel (TripleCrown24).


  1. Great cards w/ Miggy and Cutch.

    Those Miggy cards he posts are always amazing.

  2. Seriously, every single post leaves my jaw dropped.

  3. That 3,000 cards before 3,000 hits project of his is very creative. I'll definitely check out his channel.