Saturday, February 27, 2021

My 1st 2021 Cutch cards

When Topps Flagship 2021 came out a few weeks ago I was surprised to see three different insert sets that Cutch was included in.  I placed an order with Brentandbecca via eBay and got all three of my cards shortly there after.

You may recall earlier this week that I showed off a gold 5x7 card and stated I wanted to build a run of Cutch cards using each design of Topps Flagship 1952-2021.  

I have the standard size card in hand now so I will be getting that post ready to go some time next month to see how close/far away from that goal I am.  I think the mid 1990s to mid 2000s will be the hardest to accomplish.

This card looks awesome in person.  The blue background, yellow base, and red lettering all pop in a very prime way.
The back of the card focuses on the 1955 set.

Next up is the 1986 insert celebrating 35 years of Topps 1986.  I never noticed this on the original set, but there are way more triangles in the team logos than I remembered.  I thought that this was just Topps way to be cutesy and artsy following the success of Project2020, but I referenced some original 1986 cards and sure enough Michael Jack Schmidt had logos that looked identical.
I really like the throwback uniforms for the Phillies.  I also like this candid image of Cutch just joking and having fun.
The back is very reminiscing of the original 1986 design.  I LOVE the trivia bit at the bottom.  I remember that game when Cutch launched three homers in a game versus Washington.  It was so exciting to see the Pirates have a 22 year old rookie with a ceiling so high come up and impress not just Pittsburgh fans, but the nation as a whole.

It's not just the homers, the stolen bases, diving catches, and crazy on field swagger that drew me to like Andrew McCutchen as a fan though.  It was Cutch's humble nature and the way he constantly gives back to the community that made him such a fan favorite in Pittsburgh.
This image of Cutch in a suit signing for fans with shades and dreads is how I remember Cutch in the majors.  The dude is a class act all the way.  
I was honestly most excited to see Cutch get recognized for inclusion in this insert set.  Not only is it a unique idea for an insert set, it also features things that aren't baseball related and shows players in images they normally don't put on standard trading cards.  I am planning to collect the entire set of this insert series.

So those three cards are my first 2021 standard size cards of Cutch I have in hand.  I will be going after parallels of all of them so if you come across any, keep me in mind.

Have you gotten any 2021 cards?
What inserts have you been excited about this year?


  1. Really great cards here. And I adore that 1986 Topps card. I think the 2021 triangles are a bit bigger than the 1986 originals, perhaps? But it's splitting hairs, maybe. Cutch is an inspiration and I do not think you could have chosen a better player and man to PC.

  2. The Cutch '55 is interesting - Topps front, Bowman back. Hmmm. He's one of teh players I thought of right away when I learned about the Stars in Service set.

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Chris--it's so strange that that card has a '55 Topps front and a '55 Bowman back.

    The name "Stars In Service" makes me think of military service, but I think it's great that they recognize players who help their communities, and certainly Cutch is a great example of that. Glad he's in the set.

  4. I have a few 2021 Matt Boyd cards, as well as a few of the Tigers cards, including Miguel Cabrera.

    Those are terrific cards of Cutch.

    Good Job!

  5. Why the Bowman back???? That is so WEIRD.

    Regarding the '52-'21 Topps run, I've been studying Kershaw and he's appeared on a lot of them, but there are still lots to go. I'd imagine McCutchen's the same.

    I do like the Stars in Service insert set, even part of me feels like its MLB-mandated propaganda. I think Topps would do itself a service if it cut down on the number of inserts, that way people wouldn't complain about them regurgitating the same themes all the time.

  6. I was excited about the Platinum Players diecuts until I saw them in hand. Not good. The front of the '55 definitely looks cool.

    No insert I'm particularly excited about, but I like the Chrome 1952s and the silver 1986s. While tired of reprints, I do like when they chrome/refractor them up.

  7. Haven't added any 2021 Topps flagship cards to my collection yet, but I have a few of the 2021 Topps 1951 cards. As for what I like about this year's product... I like a few of the photographs used in the set (like the Tatis) and the 1986 inserts are cool too.