Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Stars aligned

As I mentioned last week I have a bunch of Cutch autographs sitting in a box that I never entered into my spreadsheet.  

Below is a pair of them.  
The odd thing about these booklets is the different relic types used and the window for the relic.  The jumbo camo jersey has a window that says Cutch 22, while the jumbo bat relic doesn't have any phrase.
The set number and card number are identical as well.

Did Panini make different booklets for each serial number?
Only time will tell if any others pop up for sale that I can,compare the numbers on. 


  1. That would be cool if you could get all 5.

  2. The Cutch 22 window over the relic looks really cool.

  3. Same numbering? Maybe 5 one of a kind booklets? That'd be surprising though... since you'd think they'd just serial number each 1/1.