Saturday, February 6, 2021

Support from another Pirates collector

I used up my eBay bucks from the 4th quarter to snag a VERY desired card for my Cutch PC. 

I bought it from another Pirates collector who happens to have the best Topps Heritage Pirates collection I've ever seen.  I have had a few interactions with him over the years and we both have cards for each other's collections, but are at a stalemate for making a trade.  Here's hoping we can get the trade done this year.

This is the third Pirates playing days card I added to the collection this year.  My goal for 2021 was to acquire 50 new cards of Cutch from his Pirates years (2005-2017).  
Topps Flagship black cards have seen an uptick in popularity over the past few years and older cards are getting rarer to find.  

I am pretty happy to add another Cutch parallel card from his prime years.  The black jersey uniform and black border really make this a sharp looking parallel.


  1. Cool card!

    At a stalemate?! Sounds like a good old fashioned trade. Good luck!

  2. I hadn't seen those cards before, very cool. 😎

  3. Great card! I'm somewhat surprised that there are still 50 cards from that time period that you need!