Monday, February 15, 2021

President's Day

Happy 3rd Monday in February everyone!!!!

Today our country is celebrating President's Day, which means that many people got a three day weekend.

Not me though.

The reason there is a President's day is because it falls in between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington's birthdays and they are often heralded as two of our country's greatest presidents.

Oddly enough when I think about these deceased presidents, I think of the Draft Kings commercial that depicted Abraham Lincoln and George Washington in more modern times.  
I want to keep this post free of politics and free of sports betting propaganda.

So in honor of President's Day, I thought I could show off some cards of Cutch that depict a former President.

Here are all my coin cards of Cutch

Let's begin with our 1st President, George Washington
This card should look familiar as I showed it off yesterday.  Nothing further needs to be said of it.

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd United States President. He was also the country's 2nd Vice President.
Topps Heritage has been producing coin cards in their products almost since the product began being released.  Contained in this 2018 Heritage card is a 1969 nickel. 

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th US President
Lincoln is famous for abolishing slavery during the Civil War and being the first President to be assassinated.  This Gypsy Queen mini 1/1 was purchased from a fellow McCutchen collector.

Moving on is a card that appears similar to the first card depicted in this post.
Lincoln has been turned into a pop culture phenom with films like Lincoln in 2012, which won some Accademy Awards for Daniel Day-Lewis' portrayal.  That same year the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was released.  It should have also won some awards.
Note: Franklin Roosevelt is on the dime, but for some very odd reason I thought it was Alexander Hamilton, which makes no sense whatsoever....

And to wrap up is a coin card featuring the only active person on a coin that was never a President, Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton served as part of the US Treasury under 1st President, George Washington.  He is a founding father of the United States and has been turned into a Broadway play.

For those that were off today, I hope you all enjoyed the day. 

Anyone know why these Presidents are depicted on the coins they represent?


  1. I'm pretty sure FDR is on the Dime, although Hamilton may have been on the 10c piece long ago.

    Beautiful cards, as usual.

    1. Well thats embarrassing. I just pulled a Topps. Lol

  2. Hamilton was never on a dime, but he is on the $10 bill which is probably what got you mixed up.

  3. Not that I want to nitpick, but that's Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin.

    1. Lmfao! Maybe I shouldn't have drafted this on my lunch break without reviewing it for accuracy

  4. It's a bit disconcerting when the coin isn't oriented correctly, especially the penny on that Gypsy Queen card.

  5. Boo DraftKings!

    The cards with the coins in them always confuse me a little, but I still would like one in my collection.

  6. I like coin and stamp cards. The idea of taking two or three popular hobbies and combining them is creative. I remember in high school my history teacher gave us an extra credit pop quiz on the final day of the grading period. The topic? Who was on the different bills and coins. No idea what I scored, but I know it wasn't good.

  7. That's funny. Not intended, but thanks! The coin designs are mostly just based on when they could be changed. There are actually laws that regulate that, they can't actually just change them whenever they feel like. The cent was the one that could be changed and so they used that to honor Lincoln on what would have been his 100th birthday. The quarter came due for a design change so they did that for Washington. It was originally planned to be one year only with a return to the Standing Liberty design, but proved to be do popular with people they amended the law to make it permanent. That debuted in 1932, his 200th birthday. Jefferson was put on the nickel in 1938 because they needed one to put him on and it could be changed. Roosevelt on the dime is the only one they had any actual connection to as the March of Dimes was associated with him, that was a fight against polio if I recall correctly. After he died in office after leading us out of the Depression and through WWII they created it to honor him. It is likely going to be the longest tenured coin design in US history, because it's too small for them to use as circulating commemoratives. When JFK was assassinated they put him on the half dollar because it could be changed, he replaced Ben Franklin, who was in the half from 1948 to 63.

    Interestingly Washington and Jefferson would be horrified to see themselves on coins, they considered that as essentially evil and specifically mandated that the coins would never show a president on them...and from 1792, the first year of US coinage to 1908 it held true.