Wednesday, December 9, 2020

22 + 78 = 100 and it's awesome!!!

I spoke about these Elite before when I showed the 2014 counterparts.  You can revisit that post here.

I like die-cuts for baseball cards.  I'll admit it.

I also really like math.

Math is fun and these Elite cards prove it.

Elite has a pair of die-cuts that are relevant to the player's jersey number.  

In this case, Andrew McCutchen's jersey number is 22 so the "Status"  card is limited to 22 copies.
The "Inspirations" is limited to 100-player's jersey number.  This being 78.

22 + 78 = 100
The Status /22 is my most recent pickup of a card I have wanted for 5+ years.  I couldn't believe how cheap this low numbered card went for.

What are some of your favorite die-cuts ever made?

Have you been able to get any cards you've wanted for 5+ years recently for pennies on the dollar? Any bargains that have also been top 10 card wants? Share your stories below


  1. That's clever! I'd feel bad for Aaron Judge (99 +1) fans if they ever did something like that again.

  2. Sucks for Ozzie Smith fans too.

    There are a lot of diecut cards from the 90's that are really cool. Not sure if they're my favorite... but I really like the Gallery of Heroes inserts.

    As for bargains? I've found a few here and there... but nothing like yours. I just received my COMC order. I'll have to dig through that and see if there were any good bargains.

  3. Have a 2019 Miguel Cabrera Panini "Lumberjacks," and "Power Alley" from the Leather & Lumber Set. Cool cards.

    I never know what a bargain card is, because I don't really know about any's just if it's VALUABLE to me.

    Good Job. 👍

  4. I wonder if you got it so cheap because of the whole lack of logos thing? From what I've seen on Twitter, and some of the blogs, there seems to be a lot of people that are really put off by that. If that was the case, it sure worked out in your favor!

  5. So many great ones! I don’t know if I can pick one. Pacific In The Cage and Pacific Fireworks.