Thursday, December 17, 2020

New York, New York

Well the snowstorm for my area was a complete dud.  We only got about 3 inches in Monmouth County.  Oddly enough, my brother who lives an hour away got about 10 inches of snow and AJ of the Lost Collector got about 14 inches.  New Jersey is a strange strange state.

One of my favorite Christmas activities is to walk around New York City during Christmas time.  Things are a bit different this year though so I haven't been able to get to New York and don't think that I will be.  With regulations and mandates, it just isn't worth the hassle to cross over the state borders.

I only have color parallels of Cutch in a Yankees uniform for one release, 2018 Bowman's Best.
The back of the card discusses Cutch's epic 6 hit walk off homerun in 2018.

Have you ever been to New York during Christmas?


  1. I'd love to be in NYC one year during the winter...maybe when things are back to normal, and hey, maybe a trip to Madison Square Garden to see my Red Wings play the NYR.

  2. Dang. 14 inches? I hope AJ enjoys shoveling. But seriously... hope all of you are staying warm and safe.

    1. Snowblowing! No shoveling. Fire up the snowblower. I was out there at 6am clearing the driveway. It was quite peaceful.

  3. I like how he casually added a steal.

    I have been to NYC, but not in December.

  4. Brian, I got that June package today. Thanks, but you can keep the white fluffy stuff.

  5. They got 40 inches in mine and AJ's old hometown. I'm very glad all of my family doesn't live there anymore.

  6. I only got about 6 inches, maybe a little more. Just happy I didn't lose power at any point.

    I've lived a lot of my life in the metro NYC area so, yeah, been there at the holidays a lot. For a while my family had a tradition of going to the Russian Tea Room on New Year's Eve. And I would love to go see the windows in the big department stores.

  7. My parents did indeed get 40 inches of snow. Makes the 14 I got very manageable.

    I love seeing Cutch in NYY cards. I wish there were more of them!

  8. We got more sleet than snow here in Northern VA. Made driving a little difficult but not horrible.

  9. I commuted into the city for exactly 20 years, March 2000 to March 2020. So it's weird for me not to be there. Got about eight inches here on Long Island.

  10. Last year I went to Times Square the Sunday before Christmas. I will never, ever do that again in my life. I did do a post about it on Cardboard History. We got 11 inches here...but I know Hopewell Junction, just 10 minutes away, got 25 inches.