Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The games that never were

The 2020 baseball season looked like it would never happen, then it did happen.

I was planning on attending up to 6 Phillies games this year.  I work not too far from Philadelphia and have a bunch of friends that wanted to go to some of the games.

The first game that we were planning on attending was Opening Day
The Phillies would have kicked off their season on April 2nd against the Milwaukee Brewers if COVID-19 didn't happen.  

I hate the Brewers.
More recently they have become a team I actually like with Christian Yelich and Mike Moustakas both playing for the team in recent years.  But if you go back to the early 2010s with the teams that had Carlos Gomez, Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, and Nyjer Morgan? Yeah, I didn't have much respect for those teams.

Another group of games I was going to attend were the entire series of the Pirates coming to Philly in late August.
The Pirates were a complete mess last year as they finished in the bottom of every offensive and pitching category in the National League and Baseball in general.

Once the schedules were changed around so only East teams played East teams and Central v Central and West vs West, it became clear that for the first time in 130 years the Phillies and Pirates wouldn't be playing each other in a season.

The Phillies schedule was rewritten and on August 26th, they faced the Washington Nationals. 

The Phillies were triumphant in the game winning 3-2 over the defending Champions.  

Andrew McCutchen went 2 for 5 atop the Phillies lineup. 

I picked up this pair of tickets for the Cutch on a ticket collection.


  1. Nice tickets! I had tickets to see the Angels come to town in July as I wanted to see Trout play; and my family was coming up from the DC area...we had nice tickets on the third baseline because of Rendon. I was just happy to get all my money back.

  2. Cool idea. Ticket stubs are becoming even more a thing of the past, so get them while you can. Some teams have been going 100% mobile. Sad.

  3. Ticket stubs are cool collectibles. It's cool to know that there are physical ticket stubs being used. The past five years, I think the only thing I've ever used was print outs or my phone.