Monday, December 28, 2020

Wave(ing) Goodbye To 2020

2020 is close to an end and I can't wait to wrap this year up.

From a personal level, the year sucked.

From a collecting perspective, the prices elevated to insane levels...which sucked.

From a new product release by Topps, wait...Topps produced some cool new products?

Ok so Stadium Club Chrome isn't exactly new.  It first appeared in the early 2000s, but then went on hiatus for nearly a few decades before being resurrected in 2018 Stadium Club as part of their parallels.

In 2020, Topps released a product using great photography of Stadium Club with the well known chrome technology and it was amazing!!!

Above is the wave parallel from 2020 Topps Stadium Club.  
It features a different picture than the traditional image used in Stadium Club.  The foil and etching on this product might be the nicest thing Topps produced all year and is very under the radar if you ask me.
The back features the same writeup as the standard Topps Stadium Club cards released earlier in the year.  Fun fact: the Phillies were 5 games above .500 when Cutch was batting leadoff before his season ending injury in 2019.  The team played 5 games below .500 without him, thus enduring their stretch of not having a winning season since 2011 (longest in majors).


  1. I didn’t open any Stadium Club and have only gotten a few. The wave parallel looks nice!

  2. Stadium Club was my favorite product of 2020. I only have a handful of singles that I've received from fellow bloggers, but I hope to buy a complete set at some point. As for the Chrome... I'm not the biggest fan of Topps just turning every one of their brands into a Chrome set... but I do like the idea of pulling refractors of some of the greatest photography of 2020.

  3. From a card price standpoint, I don't think that 2021 is going to get any better.