Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Optimism Among Optics

Donruss Optic came out for the first time in 2016.  It was basically a chrome version of Donruss similar to Topps Chrome compared to Topps Flagship.  

The basic Donruss set contained 150 cards, while the Optic set contained only 100 cards.  

Similar to other chromium technology products, this release has a dozen color parallels to chase after.  

The most interesting thing that Donruss did was reverse the color numbering for this chrome product compared to what Topps utilizes.  Topps Chrome traditionally will use a red parallel as a /5 card and a green parallel as a /99 card.

Panini/Donruss/Optic took that and said F it.  Meaning flip it.

The reds for this product are /99 and the greens are /5. 
This puts a different way to look at things in terms of rare parallels go.

I needed a different way to look at things over the past few weeks with the holiday stress at an all time high.

Personally, my favorite Christmas movie to reflect on looking at things in a different view (or optics if you will) is the film, It's A Wonderful Life.

This Jimmy Stewart lead film really looks at a person's life and makes you reflect on your own life.  The fact that it was a film from the 1940s and addressed such a controversial theme of suicide in it's day speaks for why this film has become such a classic.  

While the technology and some of the terms and politics from the film's era are dated now, it still has a strong core that can resonate with anyone.

I have never gotten that close to have wanted to commit suicide, but the thought has crossed my mind, more so in recent years.  I had lost my great grandfather on my dad's side of family to suicide before I was even a teenager.  I was only 10 years old when he passed away from the suicide and none of us saw it coming.  He was a pillar in the community.  He always gave the biggest hugs and was a giant teddy bear and usually would smile a lot.  I still think about the hoagie my mom and I gave him the night before he shot himself that summer and how happy he lead us to think he was for us visiting him that night.  The next day my mom, brother, and I went over and he was laying outside.  My mom didn't know at the time that he had shot himself and told me to run over and wake up Grampop. I won't go into every detail, but it is something I remember nearly every detail to this day almost 30 years later.  I have seen the devastation it can cause on a family and I don't want to put anyone else through that.  

With the holidays, stress can be at an all time high.  It's important to keep finding things that make one happy.  

Stay positive and share positive thoughts with others.  You never know the impact you may be having on someone.  Pay attention to any signs and most importantly listen to those that may be struggling.  

It truly is A Wonderful Life
Live it and love it!
Don't take a life, including your own

Exodus 20:13
You shall not murder


  1. Those Optic cards remind me of Fruit Stripe gum.

  2. Sorry to hear about your great-grandfather. This is definitely a difficult topic to discuss, but I've had a few people very close to me attempt it, but thankfully they were given second chances. Your suggestions are spot on with the training we take at the beginning of every school year.

  3. Very sorry to hear that you experienced that, and I'm sure it has certainly shaped who you are today.

    I don;'t have my Optic cards, but the ones I do have are really nice. I like a lot of their colorful parallels.