Saturday, December 12, 2020

Falco Files: Getting Chilly, Check Out This Icy Foil

A few days ago I talked about a Bowman Platinum Sky Blue that was a fat pack exclusive from 2018.

I am going to continue that  just as a filler post before I count down the 12 days of Christmas.

Andrew McCutchen wasn't included in the 2020 set, but the player the Pirates received in the trade (Bryan Reynolds) was part of the 2020 Bowman Platinum set.
Above is the icy foil parallel from the set.  
The 2020 Bowman Platinum set is a Wal-Mart exclusive release.  The icy foils were found only in the hanger packs at 2 per pack.  

Join me tomorrow for my final post before I count down Christmas.


  1. Were you hacked? This isn't a McCutchen card!

  2. I've been enjoying the different Christmas countdowns. Look forward to yours. Happy holidays!

  3. I kind of wish that we all could've got on the same page and had nothing but Christmas countdowns for the next week and a half.