Friday, December 11, 2020

USA Looking to the UK

Coronavirus has changed the way the entire world has operated in 2020.

Many of us know someone that has been impacted by it.  Some of us may even know someone who may have passed away from it.

The United States is mere days away from a vaccine and I don't want this to get political, but the United States will continue to monitor the United Kingdom very closely to see the reactions caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.
I mentioned a few days ago that I didn't understand why Topps needed to make the Topps UK product.

That didn't stop me from adding 3 cards to my collection though.  I already showed the base and the blue parallels.  

Because I didn't need to get all of the parallels I focused on just adding the one that really stood out to me as a unique parallel.  The Big Ben parallel is the most unique of all the Topps UK product.  It is based on the Elizabeth Tower, formerly known as Big Ben.  The tower was officially completed in 1859 and is one of the most iconic buildings in the world.
I had to add it to the collection, because unlike the gold, blue, or purple parallels actually has a connection to the United Kingdom.

It features a red and white colored design to go with the iconic building.  
It is very similar to the Independence Day parallels that Topps Flagship has been doing since 2018.
What do you think of these two parallels?

Should the Big Ben have had a numbering relevant to the tower? Maybe 12 to mark the name change to Elizabeth Tower or 59 to recognize the year the tower was completed.


  1. I wish the parallel was actually the base card. That's a lot cooler looking than just slapping the flag on the flagship base. Although I guess that's more what would be appealing to me. People in the UK are probably like "Big Ben. Real original."

  2. I have a base UK Matt Boyd card on the way. I haven't yet seen a red variation, but I'm hoping to get one.

  3. Technically, the tower was previously just the "Clock Tower"; "Big Ben" is actually the bell inside that rings.

    I do always prefer my parallels numbered, if it isn't printed in crazy numbers. If it was a big run it could have been 1859 for the year the Clock Tower was completed. If smaller it could have been 315 or 96 for the height of the tower (the former in feet, the latter in meters).

  4. These look cool to me. I don't know anyone personally who has passed away from Covid... but I know a few people who have tested positive. Just since the Thanksgiving Break, I've had four students tell me they tested positive.

  5. Agree. Why a UK set? I do like this Big Ben parallel. Some of the bigger names go for big bucks on these parallels. Good post.

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