Sunday, December 13, 2020

Oh Sheff!!!! That's A Lot of Cards

Greg, otherwise known as the famous Night Owl, sent me a message that he had some extra Gary Sheffield cards in Dodgers uniforms.

I've mentioned a few times that Sheff was one of my favorite players growing up.  The way he could swing the bat and battle off pitches was very impressive, especially with his raw power. 
Greg sent me 28 new Gary Sheffield cards for my collection!

There were multiple companies included in the mix.  

It was really fun and refreshing to see cards not just by the Topps company, 
but to also see cards from brands like 
Pacific (the refracting light on this Prism card is amazing)

Multiple brands of Fleer products
Including a set of Fleer cards that looks like Topps cards
Many Upper Deck

Even an oddball Topps cards brought to you by Post Cereal

Remember Skybox? Got one of them too
And the lone Sheff horizontal card is this awesome fielding shot

I had so much fun looking through these cards and remembering what it was like when there were multiple companies making baseball cards.  

The Evan Meek autograph card was a welcomed surprise too.  I considered super collecting him back in 2010 when he was the Pirates lone All-Star that year.

Thank you Greg


  1. Nice of Night owl to send you some surplus Sheffs. I don't think I've seen any Topps HD sets other than the super-thick 2000 edition.

  2. Okay... since there's no way I'll be able to find any new Cutch cards for your collection. I might be able to find some Sheffields.

  3. I loved Sheffield's swing. In the top 10, maybe even top 5 of all-time favorite swings.

  4. His pre-pitch bat swing thing was the most fierce.

  5. Gary Sheffield, eh? I think I have a few good cards (inserts/refractors) of his that are laying around, and in need of a new home :)