Saturday, January 14, 2017

Club Membership

I have been wanting this card for several years. It has elluded me for far too long.

When I was in my punk rock band in 1998, I considered trading in my spiked mohawk for a headful of dreads. Looking at John Jaso this year, makes me realize I couldn't be a member of Club Dread.

In addition to the emerald card above I recently snagged the McClutch the same day.

I am super happy to finally add this to the collection.

Speaking of Clubs, I am going to ask everyone to please follow this blog and if you wouldn't mind show it some love by letting others know about it. If you post something pimping the blog and leave a comment below, I will send you something in the mail.


  1. Shared on Twitter. Your McCutchen collection is unreal. Have you come across anyone with a better one?

  2. Nice cards, Triple Threads is hit and miss when it comes to what they spell out with the relics, looks to me you got two hits.