Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ginter Fans: Need Your Help

Shortly after Allen & Ginter 2016 was released I started to seek out all the Cutch cards I could get my hands on. I obtained rip cards, glossy 1/1s, and a lot of the rarer versions of the minis.

I didn't see many relics pop up though. There was the box topper relic (which I will show off in a future post) numbered to 25, but I never saw the standard framed relics pop up.

Then one hit the market.

I bid on it. Then it went to
$78 (based on my memory) WTF!!!!!

I couldn't understand why a base relic with a plain grey swatch went for so much.  I haven't seen many others pop up for sale.

However, I did manage to grab one for a Buy-It-Now for under $15. I couldn't buy it fast enough after seeing what the others went for.

For all you Ginter collectors out there, do you know if this is a Short Print? Anyone have a Worthpoint account that can look up all the other 2016 Allen & Ginter jersey relics of Cutch?

Above is the back of the card.  Please if you see anything that would signify this being a SP please inform me.


  1. Sorry... I don't have a Worthpoint account, but oh man... someone paid $78 for a Cutch relic? Talk about an epic bidding war. Nice find on the BIN.

  2. That's crazy that it was going for so high. Glad you got one at a reasonable price!